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Lim Wen
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Everyday is a selfie day
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Breaking the internet
Cori Ashleigh
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Design a pattern that turns your outfit into a statement
Discover people around you
Seek out Auras around you, react, and be discovered
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Feeling salty...
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How does it work?


Get the app
Create your pattern
Order your outfit


Set your mood
Connect with
social media


Be discovered
by others and
receive their reacts

1/3 Get the app
Create your pattern
Order your outfit

Download the app to design your own pattern. Then order it printed on a clothing item that fits your Aura best: high-quality cotton T-shirt, V-neck or a hoodie.

Set your mood and connect with your social media accounts
Feeling bananas? Want to meet up with new people? Are you searching for love? Express your mood and connect your Aura with social media accounts to share the latest.
In love
Join me
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Every day is a selfie day

3/3 Discover and be discovered
React to Auras around you

Scan other Auras, discover the moods of people around you, and react to them. Express yourself and connect with others through Augmented Reality fashion.

Pre-order your Aura now
Be the first to be discovered in LA

Available on the App Store in October Get the app to discover people around you, react to their moods, and express yourself with your own Aura pattern.